"Great Great" Tea!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

You want a black tea which is a notch above the usual mix? Spoil yourself with a pot of PG Tips. No, "PG" does not stand for "Great Great" - but it should be! This black tea is a very balanced mixture (which may seem contradictory) two soothes and invigorates.

Starting the day with a "tea cup" in this weak tea with milk and sweetener, perhaps, as you prefer, you are ready for anything. This includes collecting toys for all children throughout the home, relationships with customers playing Tug-O-War in cashmere sweater last sale in the tray, or hide from your boss because not enough time to finish This report, which is to be done today.

This "cut above" the tea is made from Brooke Bond & Co. The company was founded in 1869, but it took 60 years to start making PG Tips (in 1930). I do not know why they waited so long, but this invention was probably like many others that seem obvious when they were invented. I am sure that once PG Tips has been created, the Brooke Bond tea blenders & Co. were probably slapping his forehead and said, "Wow!" Why not think about that? "(You know, a kind of V-8 moment.)

Made of fabulous tea was not the end of their efforts. Even tea in great need of a marketing program. advertising campaign featuring Creative chimpanzees first, then four birds dummy ("T-Bird"), pole-vault of the popularity of tea. The company has finally started offering their delicious tea bags, trying different forms (spheres, cylinders, etc.) before concluding that the pyramidal shape provides the perfect place for tea and water interact. They have even improved tea bag material to increase the flow of water through it, and So through tea. Another innovation (decaffeinated) was born in 2004.

As true to dedicatee soaking tea leaves in bulk, I consider this one of the few tea bags, which can produce a cup of tea quality. My 6-cup "Betty Blue" (the cousin a little fanciful "Brown Betty") gets honored to be immersion choice vessel. Wrapped in special green comfortable, the teapot is sitting calmly while the tea dance and magic between the water continues. Pyramid bag (I use four per pot) is not me yet, to produce the drink dark and seductive.

PG Tips is well in the past as a tincture. Women used their legs as much in 1940, because the socks were less abundant. Although the tie-dye in the crowd in 1970 was an effective and non-toxic dye. (Anyone want to "tea" color garment?)

Oh, yes, in case you're wondering, the "PG" means "pre-Gestee" (as in the pre-digestive, something to eat or drink before the meal to aid digestion).

Upgrade your "cup of tea" by selecting a better quality of breakfast tea. PG Tips is certainly in that category, in bags or in bulk. Good soaked!


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