Brown Betty 12-Ounce Teapot, Brown

Friday, August 6, 2010

Brown Betty Teapot-Product Review

1. Love My Little Teapot (5 Stars)

I've always wanted a brown betty and found recently that I could get one that makes 2-3 cups. I keep it at my desk and can make a couple cups of tea and enjoy without having to get up in between. The shape of the teapot is lovely, as is the quality.

2. I Love My Little Brown Betty (5 Stars)

I have wanted one of these English 12 oz Brown Betty teapots for the longest time and finally bought one as a birthday gift to myself...and how happy I am that I did! I have already developed an affection for my little Brown Betty. Yes, it was a bit spendy but it is worth every penny to me. It's truly the perfect size for just me plus it makes that perfect cup of tea. The design is such a classic and so very pretty and practical. I say bully to Brown Betty!

UPDATE: This product are currenty on SALE THROUGH THIS LINE ON AMAZON

Product Features:
  • Classic English teapot
  • Brown Betty ceramic (red clay) keeps the tea hotter, longer that other (white clay) teapots
  • 2 cup size
Product Description:

The classic English teapot for those who love a classic. The 2 cup Brown Betty ceramic pot keeps tea hot for a traditional English tea party. It's charming, earthy look will blend with almost any d├ęcor. BON APPA-TEA!

If you want to buy this product,YOU CAN GET THEM ON AMAZON SALE THROUGH LINK.


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